Welcome to the registration page for Spiral Impact Belt Certifications!

2021 Dates Announced for May! Each cadre will discuss the start dates for continuing on with the Blue and Purple.  Please Note, dependent on the Covid status Purple Belt will require travel to Indianapolis, IN.

You will receive a welcome email from Karen within 48 hours of registration. Pre-session content will be sent one week prior to kick-off dates.

“Please Purchase Separately: The Black Belt Edition of Spiral Impact,“  You will receive a link in your welcome email.

Note: If you’d like to create your own cadre or have questions please contact Karen and we can discuss.

Four Fridays from noon – 2 PM EST
May 21, May 28, June 11, June 18


Price: $599

Better Deal – Commit to embody the skills with the 3 belt package!

Fridays at noon EST
Every two weeks for 2 hours
Dates: follow completion of Green Belt
Note: The Purple Belt will require travel to Indianapolis, IN and will be a one day program.
Price: $1499