Aikido is a martial art. Its intent is different than many martial arts because it trains us to protect our attacker’s life as well as our own. The power in aikido comes from blending, or moving with, the opponent’s energy rather than against.  This diffuses and destabilizes the attacker.

Spiral Impact® is grounded in the martial art aikido. The Spiral Impact method applies aikido concepts to everyday conflict. Both aikido and Spiral Impact practice develops the practitioner’s true power.

Owning your true power is the art of peace.

During this time of social distancing I am offering a free aikido class on
Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM EST
Now through March 16, 2021

This class will be solo practice – you don’t have a practice partner.
If you have someone in your bubble that wants to practice – great, but not required.
We will focus on aligned movement, centering, flexibility, breathing. I will adapt the class for the people who show up!
No prior experience is required.

Please a have some space to move around, a light hand weight (a can or water bottle will do), carpet or a mat of some kind and a chair handy!  Please have your video on if you can!

While there is no fee or commitment, please register so I can send you an updated Zoom link and confirm practice each Tuesday afternoon.

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