This video depiction has popped into my mind every time I’ve heard  “Lean In” the past several years. The time was ripe to produce it – hope you enjoy it. 

Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller triggered a huge amount of dialogue about career success and women at work. Seems like everyone has had an opinion about her and the book.

I’ve read it cover-to-cover and I recommend it whether you are a man or a woman.  Her recommendations are valuable to anyone interested in career success.

Yet, I’d like to propose adding another dimension to the conversation.

I know the intent of leaning in is about showing up, raising your hand, taking your place at the table; perhaps I am being too literal but leaning in is inherently unstable.

Getting comfortable in your own skin to perform at a high level comes from personal development and awareness – not leaning. If you’ve studied Spiral Impact you know most often when you put force on something you get push back. Perhaps this is the conundrum between aggression, assertion, and influential behavior.  While my metaphor is physical the applications are verbal, emotional, and spiritual.

Mastery is having the presence, agility, and confidence
to honorably engage and adapt to changing circumstances.
Stand up straight and Spiral In!

Your thoughts?