This is my 25-year anniversary of practicing aikido and helping people learn about influence, collaboration, and conflict!

Even after all the years the words, “Keep moving and bend your knees,” holds relevance to me both in my martial arts practice and my life. My first aikido teacher would say these words when he’d see me struggle with a technique.


What impression or feeling do those six words give you?

These words embody what separates the technician from the Master. A technician wants a list of specific actions to follow, e.g. put this foot at a 45-degree angle and move two steps to the right. Or, say ‘this’ when ‘that’ happens. For a beginner learning a technique, this is appropriate. However, many people get stuck at the level of technique; that’s why people love ‘do this’ lists.

Mastery in anything moves beyond technique and is grown through support, practice and self-awareness. Learn technique, then surrender technique. Technique alone doesn’t teach the nuance of a million possible variables.

Mastering the art of conflict requires just this, learn basic technique then explore the nuances through practice, support, and self-awareness. The Spiral Impact method accomplishes this through training your mind, as well as your body and emotions to respond the best possible way to your challenges.

What do the words ‘Spiral Impact’ conjure up for you?

I’d love to hear…and notice how asking a question is such a great way to engage and expand your thinking, no ‘do this’ list.

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Let’s keep rolling!