Aikido imitates life. This morning’s observation: grasping stops flow, takes a lot of energy and creates conflict. Conversely, guiding expands possibilities and energy.

As a leader or educator do you grasp and control your people? Or, do you guide and engage them?

Grasping in the workplace may take the form of:

Taking on other peoples’ unmet responsibilities
Reprimanding through tone and words
Believing there is one right way; not listening
Guiding in the workplace may take the form of:

Asking questions and listening
Communicating from ‘center’
Keeping vision and intention in clear focus
Holding people accountable to their actions
One way to foster innovation is to guide people to fully contribute. This increases engagement; creativity and innovation will expand. And, you will have more energy to focus on what is ahead!

It is so much easier, think Spiral.