Virtual Learning: Video Touch Points with Tele-Coaching

Proven content NOW at your fingertips – Virtual Spiral Impact!

Designed to be convenient and responsive
Engage for even just a quick 7 minute session whenever you need
tools to address your current challenges

Spiral Impact is a:
Simple, succinct, and supportive solution for you to positively transform how you respond to your challenges and engage with others.


  • Does pushing or pulling others to get things done frustrate you?
  • Would you like to be more influential and innovative?
  • Does conflict or disagreement deplete your energy?
  • Does your your life and work feel out of control?

Then, STOP struggling and learn to Spiral and make an Impact with ease and grace!

Why Spiral? Grounded in the martial art, aikido, and science principles, Spiral Impact just makes sense.  Watch Karen demonstrate in this 90 second video…

Join Karen’s virtual learning and apply the 5 keys to Spiral Impact at your own pace.  Follow-up with a once a month tele-coaching session for more in-depth and specific  application.

  • Innovate with conflict
  • Influence outcomes
  • Feel more balanced
  • Honor yourself and others

How does this virtual learning work exactly?  Learning doesn’t happen in an hour so take your time with this by:

1. Video Touchpoints: Apply and learn at your pace: Five short (3-5 minute) core content videos demonstrating key Spiral Impact concepts followed with questions, application suggestions and other supportive materials.  To be watched at your own pace over and over again! You also have the option to comment and ask questions. Karen commits to answer questions within 24 hours of submission.


2.  Group Tele-coaching: Karen will answer your specific questions and go more deeply into the material the first Tuesday of each month at 4 PM Eastern time to give you specific support.  Log-on info will be e-mailed to you.

Think of this as Karen sharing with you the core concepts and answering your private questions!  No previous experience is required.

Still not sure?  Take this short survey and then have a free consult with Karen for 30 minutes to learn if there is a fit!   Click Here

Both for an Introductory rate of $149.00 for 3 month access.

“Spiral Impact works.  These simple tools, when applied, work like magic.” 

“What I learned was exactly what I needed today to do the right thing in a difficult situation.”

“Spiral Impact brings structure and clarity to problem solving.  By advancing your thinking through logical self-questioning and examination the process ultimately guides your decision making to a clear solution with confidence.”

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